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Venitian working-method paper mache mini mask base decorated with dyed black rooster feathers then fixed and displayed on an embellished wooden stand totally covered with the same rooster feathers

VENICE ANGELS - "Street angels"

Style 02 - high stand and recreated small wings with black rooster feathers

Reference: STVEANGHIF001         Serial number: 001

VENICE ANGELS - " Street angel" black rooster feathers-small wings

  • This is a handcrafted piece, smaller version of a similar mask that could be worn for parties, carnival, shows or displayed in a space.

    This piece is only for interior decoration, for example also protected and emphasized under a glass, acrylic dome or case.

    As for the bigger version of mask to wear, this piece is lined with black cotton.


    If the mask is displayed without a protective dome or case, you will easily dust it delicately with a fan-shaped artist or makeup brush available in the best art supplies or makeup shops.


    This piece is unique in a sense that each one that I make in a serie of a same theme will have that precious uniqueness which is the result of my inspiration of the moment, the way the feathers get the harmonious shape, the different effect given by a patina, a whole variety of things are the reasons why I display each piece individually with again, a unique serial number and hand signed by me.


    As already mentioned, this handcrafted item is decorated with feathers which are sensitive to  direct sunlight, humidity and water, please be aware that prolonged exposure to one or both of these three elements could affect the shape, the appearance and the color of it.  Therefore, it is safer to display or to stock this item in a dry environment away from direct sunlight source.


    Total size of the piece (appproximately) in cm

    Height: 39 cm - Width: 24 cm - Depth: 14 cm


    The label on the bottom of the wooden stand details the theme, name, reference, serial number of the product and my signature for authentification.

    A card with the same informations can be found in the box containing the mask.


    Click here to discover also my story of VENICE ANGELS on Instagram


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