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Updated: Feb 17

New brand, new name...and a lot more to come. Here is the whole new page starting now.

You all remember my atypical shop in the middle of Venice island in Campiello del Spezier (in front of Muro San Stae restaurant) where I was creating masks and objects with magic feathers... Well, it's all back! With more feathers, colours and effects. The workshop is now based in London from where I create each piece, I dream (often of Venice of course) and sculpt those wonderful feathers on my masks and objects. I sincerely apologize for the delay in creating this page and keeping you updated with the "evolution" of my workshop. Thank you to all of you and for your support, who came to meet me in my shop in Venice or who bought my art or liked my page or just visit it for few minutes...Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Now...I should stop talking and go back to work! Please anyone feel free to visit and like my Facebook page and my Instagram account as there will be more to come, new photos, videos, updates and posts.

Just click on the Facebook icon below or on any of the social media icons in the HOME PAGE. Thank you!

Here below are some memories of the shop I had in Venice

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