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Updated: Feb 18

Talking about intricate piece, it is not only intricate regarding the work just on the feathers but also composed of many removable parts making it easier for the transport.

The back of each mask is lined with cotton, labeled and signed. Luxury and comfort.

Impossible to transport the full piece with such large wings if fixed on the main head. They were built on a complex structure that I could shape after assembling it thanks to special attachments perfectly matching the ones on the mask head base.

Extensions, extensions, extensions!!!

All removable and assembling correctly at each point.

The proper installation of this king takes as little as two hours...

At the stage of installation, I assemble, look back, remove, bend up that wing, bend down that volume of feathers, change, assemble again until all is placed in perfect harmony. Sometimes, unexpected effects appear or the piece takes different proportions when it is installed on the real display...I have to compose with that too.

And suddenly there it is...

I look back and start thinking what I will do differently next time. And it goes on and took hours and hours to make it and it takes me hours after final installation to get out of that autocritical mood.

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